Frequently Asked Questions

Princeton students in the LGBT Center

How do I change my name and gender in Princeton’s systems?

Please see the Trans at Princeton resources, which has details on changing your name and gender, as well as provides information on other needs that trans and gender non-conforming students and employees may have.

What do I do if I am questioning my sexuality or gender identity?

The LGBT Center is here to help! Email jj20@princeton.edu to set up a meeting with Judy Jarvis, LGBT Center Director, to talk through what’s on your mind and the resources we have that might help you.

How do I find out what’s going on at the LGBT Center?

Join our mailing list by heading here! We send out a weekly blast to our listserv on Mondays, letting you know what programs are coming up from the LGBT Center and its partners.

As a prospective undergrad or graduate student, how can I learn what LGBTQA life is like at Princeton?

The LGBT Center staff can answer questions you may have about the University and surrounding communities, as well as connect you to a current student to have a conversation or email exchange. Email Center Director Judy Jarvis (jj20@princeton.edu) and she will help you get your questions answered.

Does the LGBT Center support asexual students?

Absolutely! In fact, we have one of the most active asexual student groups in the country! Contact the LGBT Center Director Judy Jarvis or Program Coordinator Andy Cofino to get in touch with the current leaders of the Princeton Aces. We also host programs throughout the year that are specifically about asexuality.


I don’t study LGBTQA issues academically—do I still have a place in the LGBT Center?

Emphatically YES! There is no one way to be LGBTQ, and no requirement for how much queer theory you need to read before you can access the LGBT Center’s resources, programs and community. If you are not sure how you want to engage with the Center, we recommend you join our mailing list to receive our calendar of events weekly and/or reach out to the LGBT Center Director Judy Jarvis (jj20@princeton.edu) to set up a meeting.

Princeton LGBT Center

How do I connect with Princeton’s LGBTQA alumni group?

BTGALA (formerly the Fund for Reunion) is Princeton’s LGBTQ alumni group, and puts on gatherings and social events all around the country. Check out BTGALA’s website to learn more.

What if I experience homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia on campus?

Unfortunately, we live in a homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic world. However, no one  deserves to experience bias or discrimination, and the LGBT Center can help you get the support you need if you do experience bias on campus or beyond. If you experience bias due to your perceived or actual sexual orientation, romantic orientation, gender identity or expression, race or religion, there are resources to help you. For more information about who you can contact for support or to report an incident, please see this link.