The Pride Alliance

The Pride Alliance represents the interests of the LGBTQA and questioning members of our community. They hold regular meetings, sponsor dances, and other special events, including Pride Week. For more information, contact

Athlete Ally

This group strives to make sports an inclusive space for everyone, regardless of sexual or gender identity. Princeton's chapter is focused on raising awareness in athletics and giving allies a way to express their support for the LGBTQA community. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.


blaQT+ is an undergraduate social group that aims to foster a close and supportive space for black members of the LGBTQ+ community to bond over their similarities and celebrate their diversity! They hold regular monthly meetings, dinners, and other social events. For more information contact or


LGBTQ✡J is a Jewish LGBTQ social group open to all. Allies and non-Jewish students are welcome. For more information, contact

Princeton student associated with the LGBT Center

Princeton Equality Project

The Princeton Equality Project (PEP) is committed to engaging the Princeton community with the fight for full LGBT equality and aims to empower students to take on these important rights issues. For more information, contact

Queer Graduate Caucus

The Queer Graduate Caucus (QGC) is a graduate student group, which aims to serve the social and academic needs of the community. For more information, contact or visit

LGBT Task Force

An advisory board reporting to the Vice President for Campus Life, the Task Force supports the LGBT community and advocates for the inclusion of LGBTQA concerns in all aspects of Princeton life. Contact the co-chairs, Jameil Brown and Donna Tatro, for more information.

Intersecting Queer Identities

Intersecting Queer Identities (IQI) is a graduate student group which provides additional social and academic spaces for LGBT-identified graduate and professional students to explore sexual orientation at the intersection of other identities. These may include race, gender identity, religion, nation of origin, and creed. IQI is committed to fostering an inclusive graduate student community at Princeton University. IQI is dedicated to providing an intellectual and social spaces for all like-minded students. For more information, contact

Princeton BTGALA
(formally Fund for Reunion Inc.)

Princeton BTGALAFund for Reunion (FFR) is the Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (BTGALA) of Princeton University. It was founded in 1986 and is an active voice for students and alumni. FFR is open to all alumni, students, faculty, and staff of Princeton University. For more information visit the FFR website.

LGBT Employee Resource Group

This Office of Human Resources supports several Employee Resource Groups (ERG). The LGBT ERG organizes the annual Porch Party and other social events for faculty and staff. For more information, visit the LGBT ERG website.


Program in Gender & Sexuality Studies

The Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary forum for the study of femininity, masculinity, sex roles, gender, sexuality, and the family in societies both past and present. GSS’s courses, which are open to all students, examine gender from a variety of disciplinary perspective. GSS offers core courses, seminars sponsored by the program, and cross-listed courses, and we also direct students to courses of interest that are based in other programs and departments. A current list of course offerings is available on the program’s website.

Fellowship in LGBT Studies

Princeton BTGALA (formally Fund for Reunion, Inc.), the LGBT Alumni Association of Princeton University, and the Society of Fellows are co-sponsors of a three-year postdoctoral fellowship to be awarded to a scholar working on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender issues in any of the disciplines represented in the Society, and particularly in new and emerging fields.

The postdoctoral fellow will be expected to pursue research in any scholarly areas that will make a positive contribution toward public discourse around contemporary LGBT issues. The successful candidate is required to teach one course each semester for the first two years and normally does some advising in his/her specialty or related areas. In the third year, the fellow teaches only one course and devotes the final semester to full-time research.

The LGBT fellow is also encouraged to share research interests with the wider campus community, with the aim of creating a sustained dialogue on issues related to LGBT equality.

David Minto, Current Fellow

David Minto completed his Ph.D. in History at Yale University in 2014. An interdisciplinary scholar, he also holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and an M.A. in Contemporary History and Politics from Birkbeck, University of London.

David’s work focuses on the intersection of sexuality—that most intimate of human domains—and geopolitical processes and formations. At Princeton he is currently revising his dissertation manuscript for publication under the title of Special Relationships: Transnational Homophile Activism and Anglo-American Sexual Politics. The project examines the affective and strategic dimensions of cross-border gay activist connections in the decades following World War II, exploring the transatlantic nature of a movement nevertheless subject to territorial strictures. Putting the “special relationships” of homophiles in dynamic tension with the “special relationship” of postwar Anglo-American exchange, it charts an “Intimate Atlantic” around which ideas, texts, and people—often marginalized in their home cultures—insistently circulated with significant local and international effects.

David’s research has previously appeared in British Queer History: New Approaches and Perspectives (edited by Brian Lewis) and he has presented at numerous conferences, including collectively with Yale’s Working Group on Globalization and Culture. This group helped to inspire a second book-length project he is pursuing on sexuality, spies, and domestic and imperial surveillance.

At Princeton, David holds the Fund For Reunion-Cotsen Fellowship in LGBT Studies; he is also the Resident Faculty Fellow at Butler College.



Beyond the Binary

This group is for students who do not identify as straight and also do not identify as gay or lesbian. If you feel you are straddling the line between both communities or your identity is beyond the binary, this is a discussion group where you can speak with other students about identity, orientation, relationships, and finding community. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

First Year Group

The first year group is for LGBTQA and questioning students. The group meets every Friday over lunch, which is provided. Join us each week for amazing food and great conversation. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

Upperclass Group

Upperclass Group is a group for LGBTQIA and questioning students to come together and discuss things like identity, orientation, and community. The group will meet over regularly scheduled lunches (which will be provided) so join us for fantastic food and dynamic discussions! Come when you can and leave when you must. For more information, contact L Driskell (driskell@).

The Gender Group

The Gender Group is is a supportive and confidential place for questioning, genderqueer, non-binary and trans students to discuss topics such as: gender identity, friends & family, transitioning, and navigating campus. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home is a dinner gathering for international, and internationally minded, LGBTQA students. Whether you just moved to Princeton or identify as an international student, join us for dialogue about cultural differences as LGBTQA students. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

Princeton Aces

Princeton Aces is a confidential discussion group for asexual and questioning students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

Princeton Q & API

Princeton Q & API is a new group for all queer and questioning Asian/Pacific-Islander students to connect, share dialogue, and build community. This is a confidential and inclusive group; trans*, asexual, and intersex individuals are warmly invited. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.


Q’nnections, the revived and revamped LGBT Center mentorship program, helps create an open, cohesive, and inclusive Princeton LGBTQIA community. Through regular formal and informal meetings, structural support, group dialogues, and community building, we will provide an opportunity for all folks within the gender/sexuality kaleidoscope to be “q’nnected” with each other, including undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff.

Queering the Color Line

This is a welcoming and supportive space for LGBT students of color to meet and hang out. Drop in and have dinner, which is provided. This group currently meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6p.m. Locations vary. For more information, contact the LGBT Center, Carl A. Fields Center, or Women's Center.

Queer Desi Tigers

Queer Desi Tigers is a student group whose mission is to foster community among South Asian LGBT and questioning students on campus, as well as build bridges between the South Asian and LGBT communities. The group meets biweekly to hang out and talk. Please email to join or find out more information.

Queering Faith

Queering Faith is a group devoted to fostering intersectional conversations of spiritual, sexual, and gender identities. While Queering Faith is mainly an LGBTQAI+ affirming space, we welcome all join our conversations. For more information, please contact Margarita Rosa at or Aamir Zainulabadeen at

Self, Sexuality, and Gender

This group is an opportunity for LGBTQ students or those questioning or exploring their sexuality or gender identity to come together and talk in a confidential and supportive setting. We’ll discuss coming out, family, dating, Princeton campus culture, dealing with stigma, and other topics members choose. CPS organizes this group. For more information, contact Dr. Joe Cooper: or 609-258-3285.

Princeton student associated with the LGBT Center

Twice Blessed

Twice Blessed is a discussion group to talk about being LGBTQA and a person of faith. Members of all spiritual beliefs and faith backgrounds are invited to attend. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.


Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding

The Carl A. Fields Center is a wonderful safe space on campus. This Center also sponsors several events each semester with the LGBT Center. As its name implies, the Center works for equality with equal rights for LGBTQA individuals included under that mission.

Women*s Center

The Women's Center is an excellent resource for LGBT information, and has an extensive library, which includes a LGBT section. The staff is very well informed concerning LGBT related issues. The Women's Center works extensively with the LGBT Center by co-sponsoring a significant number of each semester's LGBTQA programming.

Davis International Center

The International Center has always strongly embraced diversity. Through co-sponsoring several events each year and providing a safe, understanding environment, the International Center extends its support to the LGBTQA community.

Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life has historically been one of the Princeton LGBTQA community's strongest allies. Over a decade ago, the Office of Religious Life created the position which has now been transformed into the LGBT Center Director. The Office of Religious Life cosponsors several LGBTQA events each year and the Deans of Religious Life are sensitive to LGBTQA concerns.

Vice President for Campus Life

The Vice President for Campus Life, Rochelle Calhoun, has seen to it that her office is a wonderfully open environment when it comes to LGBTQA issues. The LGBT Task Force reports to Vice President Calhoun.



If you would like to have the LGBT Center cosponsor an activity or event, please follow the link for your respective group and fill out the form provided.