Grant for Non-ODUS Student Group


Grant for NON-ODUS Student Group

Please fill out the form below if you represent a student group that is not recognized by ODUS and wish to request a grant funded by Princeton BTGALA and administered by the LGBT Center for an activity or event for your student group. In order for your request to be eligible, it must abide by our guidelines as follows:

  • Must submit request at least 2 weeks in advance

  • Must be in alignment with the LGBT Center's mission, values, and vision and describe how

  • Must not conflict with events and heavy programming weeks

Additionally, the guidelines for receiving the grant include:

  • The student group is not recognized by ODUS.

  • The event is LGBTQ-focused and is open to all interested participants.

  • Funds will be used for food (excluding alcohol), books/magazines, multimedia materials, printing, advertising, transportation costs or other expenses as approved by the Director of the LGBT Center. 

  • Funds will not be used for payment of student time for the event.

  • Expenses incurred for approved events/activities will be processed by the LGBT Center professional staff (either through reimbursement or directly charging to the grant fund).

  • The event adheres to Princeton University's "Rights, Rules and Responsibilities."

  • The event will benefit at least four undergraduate and/or graduate students.

  • Funds will not exceed $250 for a single event.

  • No one group can receive more than 3 grants during one academic year.

  • The student group representative must meet with the Director of the LGBT Center to review their grant application. 

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