A message on behalf of the staff of the Carl A. Fields Center, the LGBT Center, and the Women*s Center

Last weekend, eleven people were murdered while worshipping at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  We are devastated that violent anti-Semitism has taken so many lives and crushed so many families. We stand in solidarity with the Tree of Life Synagogue members and with Jewish communities around the world in this time of great pain. Because we hold multiple identities and are intertwined in our humanity, violence against the Jewish community is also violence against people of color, LGBTQIA people, women and many other identities. 


While the incidence of hate-crimes has been rising over the past several years, the last few weeks have been particularly disturbing.  It seems that we learn almost daily of actual and intended violence toward people based on their race, gender, sexuality or religion, including the race-motivated murder of two black people in Louisville, Kentucky last Wednesday. In addition to this abhorrent violence, the rights and dignity of trans people are currently threatened by proposals from Washington to definition a person’s sex exclusively as male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals presents at birth. As Centers for diversity and inclusion, we stand in solidarity against these abhorrent acts of violence and intolerance. 


The Centers are places of hope and community and will always celebrate difference as well as inclusion. We are honored to be joined in this work with students and colleagues who want to create a better future for Princeton University, for our society, and for all humanity. We are also here to provide support in any way we can. 


On Monday, November 5,  the Center for Jewish Life will hold a vigil to mourn the shooting victims. The staff of the Women’s Center, LGBT Center, and the Carl A. Fields Center will be at the vigil, and we hope you can join us there to show our collective solidarity against anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff, avail of our services, and find community in our spaces in the coming days.



Amada Sandoval, Director of the Women*s Center

Judy Jarvis, Director of the LGBT Center

Tennille Haynes, Director of the Carl A. Fields Center